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Fields always seem inviting

The grass looks soft and green

But up close they are pokey and grey

Sometimes I wonder

Would it be better

To just be under

To make all the problems go away

But then I remember

The stars shining bright

And they keep me in the field

At least for one more night


When I was younger my greatest fear was change

The smallest changes

Like moving a lamp

Or putting a picture on the wall

I was scared of losing myself

Or perhaps finding who I really was


Now that I’m older, I believe my fears are different

I like changing my decorations, or my hair

It’s exciting


But then someone tells me I’m moving soon

At school, every class is leading up to college

People I love are leaving

And I have never been more afraid

Never been less ready


I’ll never escape my fear

Never get over it

Because, no matter what I think, I’m not ready

I can’t change yet

I can’t


I am from warriors
From fire and ice
I am from the brave
I’m from the calm and the chaos
From war and peace
I’m from fire and ice 
I’m from life and reality
And nothing is perfect
I’m from the truth 
I’m from fire and ice
From a fight that failed
A fire that died
I am from fire and ice


You say that you love me

And I’m the best you’ve had 

But I can’t reach your standards

And now you're getting mad.

We used to say forever 

Now there’s nothing more 

than an empty box of emotions sitting on your floor.

I gave you my all

I thought it was enough, 

But even in the good times you still acted tough.

Honey I love you,

But it’s time for me to leave,

Pack up the memories you made with me.

And when you find my replacement

Make sure she meets your standards,

Loves you more than I did,

Can control your temper.

Once you find a girl, who’s good enough for you,

Love her with all your heart

Treat her like something new.

As soon as you get comfortable,

She’ll start feeling blue,

The same as I did when I realized I wasn’t good enough for you.

And before she leaves,

She’ll turn to you and say:

“Honey I love you,

But it’s time for me to leave,

Pack up the memories you made with me.”

Trigger Warning

Some of these are poems from people at various times of their life and they may make some uncomfortable.



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